Blockchain developer

Are you the new Blockchain developer at Pàu?
Do you want to help create and shape a better digital world? You know Blockchain is not just the biggest hype of the moment, but you are convinced that the Blockchain revolution is going to be the web 3.0 and you have ideas on how.

You are excited to build applications and Proof of Concepts together with clients in different fields. You are able to transform these ideas into solutions using various platforms and programming languages.

If you want to become an expert in one of the most transformative technologies out there: this is your chance!

You want to:
  • Develop, test and integrate relevant applications based on blockchain technology.
  • Grow into a domain-expert within Pàu and become an advocate of blockchain.

Qualities you'll most likely need:
  • You have gained at least some experience with Blockchain technology
  • Ability to quickly learn new blockchain jargon, concepts and programming languages
  • Experience with programming languages Golang, Javascript/Node.js, Python, C/C++
  • Positive personal interaction and teamwork skills
  • Learn, experiment, communicate and realize your blockchain ambitions
  • You love Blockchain!

Much appreciated skills
  • Experience with developing and deploying permissioned and permissionless blockchains, bonus points for experience with Hyperledger Fabric.
  • Solidity (Ethereum), web3, Truffle, Geth
  • Experience with Unit testing, E2E testing and/or automated testing, Mocha, Chai
  • Familiar with Docker deployment
  • Bash, *nix experience

Don't worry if you don't master all of these skills yet. At Pàu, we believe in growing competences on the job as well as through our own Pàu Blockchain Academy, eagerness to learn is as important as experience. So if you feel attracted to working on digital products; if you’re a blockchain geek, passionate about the decentralized world, you’ll feel right at home with us.
Personal competences:
  • I am good at solving problems
  • I am good at working together in a team
  • I adapt well and am flexible
  • I am precise
  • I am good at making contact
  • I handle stress well and respect my deadlines
  • I am a good planner and organiser
  • I have a high capacity for learning
  • I can work independently

What makes Pàu a great place to work?
Working at Pàu is about YOU! People first. We have over 60 digital experts in our team. Are you next?

  • Pàu invests in self-improvement as an incubator for personal development and competences.
  • Pàu culture is to be part of the ever growing digital consultancy family.
  • You are responsible for the autonomy to own your project.
  • Pàu gives you support for learning and growing through internal and external courses.
  • Pàu offers challenges by working on exciting projects for international and local clients.
  • Pàu’s impact is to make a difference in an ambitious environment.

In return, you’ll get an attractive salary with all conceivable fringe benefits.

I'm qualified for the job!




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