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What we did

The Client

The investment banking company Degroof Petercam has been protecting and growing the assets of its private and institutional clients since 1871. Quite naturally, it continues to evolve its offer and way of interacting with clients to changing needs and new technologies.

The Case

The bank asked Pàu — a trusted partner of the company since 2017 — for a new online platform solution after their current website technology was to be discontinued. Discussions and deep-dive research into customers’ comments identified fundamental issues relating to the current customer experience.  

The process of onboarding clients — an interview that defines the risk level of a client when making investments — was clumsy and uncomfortable for many clients. Pàu was able to redesign the process and make it much more intuitive and comfortable. Not only has this sped up the procedure, but it’s also made it easier for both the bank and the customers to work better together.

The login experience also had room for improvement. In short, clients didn’t understand what they were looking at. They ‘wanted’ to be able to see how their investments were performing, but couldn’t get past the visual complexity of the old website. So as you can see, Pàu redesigned the whole interface. More context, more transparency: just the way we like it.


The Impact

These changes had an enormous impact on the resulting platform. For example, we decided to include a visual reminder that lets clients ask questions like “why are my shares underperforming (or over-performing) in 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic?” 

Ultimately, what’s important is that Pàu has helped Degroof Petercam serve its clients better through improved modelling, more up-to-date information and a better intuitive user experience — while also updating an important piece of software along the way. The bank can now gather information from clients thereby helping them develop tailored and more precise solutions. And thanks to Pàu’s redesign of the frontend, Degroof Petercam realized they could create a more consistent user experience across its various tech platforms. No more discrepancies between the app on the mobile and tablet! 

The platform revisions also lead to the roll-out of a new virtual service, Cool. This has been a big hit for smaller clients with more limited assets, who typically don’t qualify for Degroof Petercam’s private banker services.

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The Conclusion

The investment banking firm Degroof Petercam approached Pàu when their website technology was to be discontinued. After deep-dive research and discussions, we ended up replacing and optimizing the entire customer-facing web experience.

Degroof Petercam now has a straightforward and uncluttered website that provides even more information and context to their clients, while also running on the latest hosting system.

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