KBC doing things differently

Doing things differently.

What we did

The Client

KBC is a Belgian integrated bank-insurance group. It is way ahead of the game when it comes to digitalization, and has recently taken huge steps in the digital transformation of its business. Its different approach has shifted digital transformation and customer experience up a gear.

KBC has always put its customers first. By implementing a new strategy, (dubbed “differently: the next level”), it is taking its bank-insurance services and customer experience further than ever before. As a starting point, KBC is always keen on investing in digital applications. Backed by Artificial Intelligence and data analysis, KBC can work in a solution-driven way to proactively make its customers’ lives easier.

Customer-centric thinking is key at KBC. At the very least, it wants to give its customers the experience they expect, and wherever possible, to surpass their expectations. Customer satisfaction is based on all the experiences customers have with KBC. And they have evolved enormously in recent years. Fast, hassle-free, proactive, and personal products and services have become the norm. And the financial world is no different. Fortunately, technology is increasingly supporting this ever-evolving situation.

KBC had already digitized a number of internal and underlying (often complex or manual) processes to ensure that simple, high-quality products could be provided to customers quickly and easily. But it wanted to do more. From now on, KBC products, services, and commercial processes will be designed with the emphasis on ‘digital first’.

The Case

Pàu’s team is on hand to help KBC be the most innovative bank in Belgium. Day-in-day-out. Pàu consultants designed, tested and developed the newest functionalities that KBC wanted to implement in their apps and on their websites. Part of this was overseeing consistency within KBC’s ecosystem. The goal is to create the best user experience within the banking industry!

Since starting to work with KBC, Pàu specialists have completed different projects. The main projects involved the implementation of Doccle (an online document platform) and the integration of different third party services (e.g. for public transport) in the KBC app itself.

Also, Pàu consultants continually help with bettering the overall experience of KBC's banking and insurance products by analyzing them on a weekly basis and making suggestions on how to improve them.

The team conducts user research, interviews and surveys to clarify customer needs and evaluate possible solutions.

KBC plans to become a role model when it comes to omnichannel customer experiences involving anything “digital”.


The Impact 

Pàu project teams work hand-in-hand with KBC to work on solutions that encompass all of its target group’s functional expectations. And then to try and exceed these expectations! The focus is always on ensuring an excellent user experience and creating a visual translation across all of the organization’s digital touchpoints.

Designs are tested and then improved based on interaction with end-users. Techniques used include usability testing, card sorting, and interviews. These analyses and user data serve as input for further improvements and to create Customer Journey Mapping, wireframes, and prototypes.

The Conclusion

KBC envisioned gathering valuable insights to create compelling digital experiences, always centered on the customer. Pàu’s data-informed approach in business analytics and user research was a game-changer in terms of customer-centric innovation. 

The Doccle implementation allowed KBC to have a single funnel through which all information flows. Not only does this ensure consistency, but it also allows information to be sorted and prioritized, and to be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Pàu also took care of the successful integration of third-party non-banking services into the KBC app. To do so, it synthesized UX/UI design, testing, prototype, and build solutions by co-creating concepts, structuring them, iterating, and turning them into feasible and shareable prototypes.

The team fully immersed itself in various domains of bancassurance services to successfully help KBC serve its clients better through a more intuitive user experience.

Want to join the ranks of KBC and do things differently too? Why not contact Pàu and see what we can do for you?

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