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Meet Docket, the smart planning tool for medical professionals.

What we did

The Client

The key to a successfully organized medical practice is planning. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this has become patently clear. With peaks and waves and staff shortages due to quarantine measures, it is more important now than ever before to optimize the few resources there are. But in times of crisis, this is a major challenge. Now, optimization of staff, shift management and more is possible with our new SAAS tool, Docket.

The Case

Talent is scarce in the Belgian healthcare sector. Only one in three open vacancies get filled. At the same time, the sector wants the health professionals there are to get more time off. Something that’s seldom possible nowadays. This raises the need to make quickly changing shifts and planning more streamlined, robust, and transparent. This is where Docket, SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) Planning Tool for the medical sector comes in! 

A sector that is under pressure in terms of human resources has to focus on deploying the little workforce there as efficiently as possible. Digital support is needed. We live and work in an increasingly complex environment, where the work-life balance of our medical professionals has to take pride in place.

"Before, I used to spend almost a whole week on planning. With Docket, it’s all done in 20 minutes flat! It has made a world of difference to my day-to-day work and completely eased me away from a huge source of stress. Excellent! "
Anja - Practice coordinator, Grinberg B.V. dentists.

The Impact

Docket is a handy tool for effectively managing team schedules and shifts. It contains four main sections:

·   templates

·   team

·   absences

·   planning

The templates are the focal point for simplifying planning. The templates are what make Docket the height of efficiency. Just input something once and you can keep using this same template over and over again. Then finish off by getting rid of any exceptions or special characteristics. One single solution on one single platform. Say goodbye to a multitude of lists for ins, outs and absences. Docket will automatically alert you to any conflicts in your planning.

In the team overview, the team members’ details are shown alongside their shift preferences, and their working days and hours. That way, you can take into account each and every team member’s preferences when coordinating schedules. Thanks to the fact that Docket organizes this automatically, it gets rid of all the headaches involved. You can also display all planned future absences (for example holiday leave) for each team member.

Better still though, Docket shows not only the team members’ contractual hours but also how many they’ve already worked. Even in the case of absences booked several months in advance, Docket will send you an alert, on time, if a conflict comes up. When someone needs to book leave, Docket automatically suggests a team member as a replacement, for example, someone who still has hours to complete. Through this logic, your planning becomes a piece of cake!

Docket is in the cloud, offering a central point of reference for planning. This eliminates the risk of human error coming into play and causing mistakes. The central planning becomes the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth for each and every team member. This also simplifies coordination within the team. Not to mention internal communication being made clearer and more efficient. Schedules are never static in the medical profession. They are in a constant state of flux, so a scheduling tool for health professionals has to be ultra-flexible. After all, having to send emails out every single time a change occurs can easily cause team members to get stressed and confused as to what hours they need to work. Having a cloud-based central schedule eliminates all this hassle.

The Conclusion

 Before, I used to spend almost a whole week on planning. With Docket, it’s all done in 20 minutes flat! It has made a world of difference to my day-to-day work and completely eased me away from a huge source of stress. Excellent! says practice coordinator Anja from Grinberg.

And that, really, says it all. Doesn’t it?

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