Pàu is in search for two driven Front-end developers / webmasters with a passion for design.

Pàu is in search for two driven Front-end developers / webmasters with a passion for design. As Front-end developer / webmaster you are responsible for the development of the smooth websites, (email) campaigns and/or apps and your work consists mainly out of HTML, CSS and variety of javascript Libraries. You want to be up to date with the newest technologies such as AngularJS, ReactJS, Sass, Less, Bower, Gulp and NPM. You have an unbreakable passion for design and usability and you can work with Adobe Design Suite or Sketch. You ace at communication and a corporate environment feels like second home.

Job related Competences

  • Oversee the realisation of the webpages
  • Collect and sort information and interactions between internet users collect per theme, typology...
  • Actualize the site using administrative-interface


Personal Competences

  • I am good at solving problems
  • I am commercial
  • I work good in a team
  • I get results
  • I can work with clients
  • I adapt well in all situations (I am flexible)
  • I am precise
  • I am easy going
  • I handle stress well
  • I plan well (=organize)
  • I have a wide learning curve
  • I can work independently


  • The capacity to think of creative online solutions and have a common knowledge with Adobe Creative Suite or Sketch
  • Good knowledge of HTML
  • Good knowledge of SASS and LESS
  • You are familiar with Git
  • Knowledge of task runners like Grunt or GulpJS
  • Knowledge of Bower, NPM or other package managers
  • Passionate with the newest development on the web

Fun Extra's

  • Passion for Usability and Design
  • Knowledge of accessibility and WCAG 2
  • Notion of JavaScript (jQuery, React, Angular)
  • You have experience with Selligent / SIM / Messagent
  • You have experience with a CMS (Drupal, Wordpress, ...)
  • Front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation

What makes Pàu a great place to work?

Working at Pàu is about YOU! People first. We have over 60 digital experts in our team. Are you next?

Pàu invests in self-improvement as an incubator for personal development and competences. Pàu culture is to be part of the ever growing digital consultancy family. You are responsible for the autonomy to own your project. Pàu gives you support for learning and growing through internal and external courses. Pàu offers challenges by working on exciting projects for international and local clients. Pàu’s impact is to make a difference in an ambitious environment.

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