The Great Attrition

Sustainable HR Policy at Pàu.

The Great Resignation, the Great Attrition or the Great Attraction in the digital labor market: the reflections 

While labor market experts have been talking about a 'Great Resignation' for months, Freek Evers sketches a more nuanced picture in 'De Tijd' magazine. The job market for digital professionals is shifting extremely fast.  As an organization, we must "really understand" what’s important to our employees today.

"Post-Covid, mandatory home working, new evolutions in hybrid working are changing what employees expect from work. Employees, more than ever, want to be valued for who they are and what they stand for. A strong company culture, a sense of community, caring colleagues, development opportunities and clear career paths are important. Inspiration and a positive attitude from everyone are given full consideration. "
Anthony ludicello

A survey by BCG's Decoding Global, shows that career opportunities are the top driver for technology workers, followed by seeking new challenges. For digital workers, a good work-life balance remains the most valued aspect of their jobs. But financial compensation is becoming more important. Diversity and inclusion have also increased in importance over the past year.

“At Pàu, we focus on three key conditions that guarantee a sustainable HR policy”, says Thierry Marien, HR Business Partner. We find inspiration in a study by AMS (Antwerp Management School, Ans De Vos and Jan Laurijssen: Three conditions for sustainable HR policies)

  • Happy, healthy, productive: these three indicators are inextricably linked. They are best balanced, both in the short and long term. We are seeing a crumbling of traditional, static and isolated performance management systems. An overly narrow focus on rewarding performance doesn't work. Being flexible and quick to respond is essential to experiencing success today. In its place we get a focus on feedback culture and performance development. By integrating with career management, we open up perspective and encourage dialogue with our employees.


  • Ability, motivation, opportunity (AMO). Ownership is key. We start from a role charter and individual development plan (IDP). The 'why' of the job is super important. Competence management gets attention in the IDP with a SMART training and certification training plan. We create opportunities and our coaches and Talent Managers engage in regular dialogue with the employee. Besides employability, a lot of real attention is paid to the careers of our people.


  • Focus on the job. The essence of the career is the everyday work. The right match between the professional and the project gets all the attention. Sustainable and future-oriented careers require a flexible response to changes on the job, but also in one's private life or in the wider labor market. We are therefore putting a great deal of effort into a flanking training and development policy to support all this. We create a growth mindset and learning capacity in our teams so that employees learn to anticipate change and proactively look for the next assignment.
"As a Pioneering Employer with a team of over 160 digital product designers & developers, our focus is very much human-centric. Pàu's DNA is 'People First' and we resolutely extend this thought throughout our business operations and project approach. "
Thierry Mariën
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