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Correlation between sports and work motivation.

Kristoff Bogaerts has been an amateur athlete for over 20 years. He exercises for about 2 hours every day and this six days out of seven, so in all modesty, he could say that he's in pretty good shape.

Why is it that some can motivate themselves seemingly without difficulty and others have to drag themselves into sports? Based on his personal experience, he can explain the answer to that question using three concepts. By nature, he is lucky that if he does not move he gains weight quite easily. You read it correctly, he considers that trait as something positive. Because if he always kept slim under all circumstances, he might initially have less urge to exercise.

"Another good thing is that I have a body and mind that lend themselves fairly well to physical effort. Furthermore, I enjoy sports just as I love the process that comes with creation. So you could say that my motivation is intrinsically and extrinsically in balance, and the combination of these stimuli and feelings make my brain experience the whole thing as interesting. They create a love for action, as it were, and that in turn ensures that what I do experience is meaningful. In short, 'grit'. In my opinion, grit is something that you build on the basis of the successes you may or may not experience", says Kristoff.

"Both failure and success can contribute to having grit. Because if we are honest with ourselves then we have to conclude that not every action, project, or day can be a success. And that's OK - Kristoff Bogaerts "
Kristoff Bogaerts

On difficult days, exercising helps him to make a reflection. It's also a way to overwrite a bad experience on my personal hard drive with a positive one. On the good days he notices that while exercising, he often gets fresh ideas because he distances himself from what he's doing.

Like a painter steps back to look over his canvas.

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