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Pàu Baanbrekende Werkgever '22.

About Pàu

Pàu exists for 10 years and has experienced solid growth in recent years.
Our employee's design, develop and implement applications, combining the strategic advice of a creative agency with the expertise and know-how of a technology company.
Pàu's customer portfolio consists mainly of companies in Media, Financial Services, Construction, Retail, ICT & Telecom as well as governments.
The increasing complexity of a digital implementation project requires an approach where experts in different roles work together efficiently in cross-functional teams.

Why do we earn the title of Baanbrekende Werkgever '22?

As a growing company with a team of 120 digital product designers & developers, the focus within Pàu is hugely on people. Not only in developing digital products that are user friendly, but also in the personal development of each individual within the organization.
The DNA of Pàu is 'People First/People Forward'. We resolutely extend this thought throughout our business operations and project approach. For us, it is business objective number one. We want to take care of our people's careers, unburden them through extensive digitalization, and let them grow where we can by spending the freed-up time on dialogue, career planning, and training.

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This process is guided by the Talent Managers in collaboration with a competent lead and coach. They guarantee employee satisfaction, learning on the job, training, certification but also career paths and the further development of personal skills and attitudes are given full attention.
We are also moving to a new office. An office that is very much committed to the experience.
We are very much aware that we are furnishing our office in the context of a new way of working and are creating an environment that feels safe and like 'home'. We provide the most modern multimedia devices in meeting rooms where online and offline collaboration is possible and we build an agora (50 seats) where we want to organize many learning and inspiration sessions.
Furthermore, it is important for us to take mobility and flexibility into account.
We are located in the center of Antwerp, within walking distance from the Central Station, and several other tram/bus stations.

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Thierry Marien - HR Business Partner
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